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Scott Charles Adams

  A few words from Scott Charles Adams

When I was first plugging away at my first draft of Never Dream, I was absolutely convinced that it would one day be made into a movie. I was also convinced that it would become the next classic American novel—women would flock to me, the dollar bill would increase in value, cancer would be cured, and world leaders would read about the trials and tribulations of a group of vampires and set aside their differences to usher in a new era of peace. Such is the hubris of novel writing. Unless I convinced myself of these things, I wouldn’t have had the discipline to write every spare moment of every day for eighteen months while working two jobs and drinking three fifths of Jack Daniels a week.

That feeling of invincibility stopped after I received my first round of rejection letters. And just like no authors you’ve ever heard of, I stopped submitting it to publishers and agents—because writing was what I really loved, and success was secondary. Rejections only served to harsh my hubris. So the book sat on a hard drive for about five years while I wrote other things.

I originally self-published Never Dream in 1999. I laid down $3,000 of my own money and printed five hundred copies. With no publicity aside from word-of-mouth, I figured five hundred copies would last for years and years. Primarily, I was relived that it was out there and I could call myself finished. I’d pushed my adolescent child out of the door and onto an unsuspecting world to wreak havoc as it saw fit.

They sold out a year later, but in the course of that year I married into a pre-made family, and my priorities changed. A second printing would no longer be the frivolous vanity of a bachelor, but a serious diversion of household money. I followed the example of my father and put my family first, and Never Dream stayed out of print for about eight years. In that time, print-on-demand evolved, and in 2007 I finally re-released Never Dream

In the years since, I’ve self-published three more books: a sequel to Never Dream called Rogue, a medieval fantasy called Through the Breach, and a children’s novel called A Tale of Three Kitties (which I originally wrote for my oldest grandson) (a clear demonstration of my shifted priorities).

By the time Carl emailed me to ask me what I thought of his filming the first scene of Never Dream, my hubris had long been buried in a metaphorical cigar box in the backyard of my soul. And now, I can hear it … scratching … scratching … but I digress.

I’m extremely excited that Carl’s taking this on. And you should be too. We’ve gone on just about long enough without World Peace.

Scott Charles Adams is the author of four books: Never Dream, Rogue (Never Dream II), Through the Breach, and A Tale of Three Kitties. His hobbies include community theater, MMORPGs, and sarcasm--lots and lots of sarcasm.

He currently lives in Voorhees, NJ with his wife, youngest step-daughter, two step-grandsons, and two cats who can't possibly survive this level of neglect much longer.
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