...Never Dream, The Movie

Never Dream The Movie

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"...Never Dream, The Beginning" is a short film based on the novel "...Never Dream" by Scott Charles Adams. It is written, produced and directed by Carl Randolph as a thesis project for American University under the SAG Student Film Agreement.
This film tells the beginning story of Arthur, a medieval Knight and Lord battling for honor and love amongst vampires and betrayal.After his true love, Anne dies from an unnatural illness, Arthur quickly marries Anne's younger sister Charlotte. Unable to accept the loss of Anne, he leaves on his "quest". Upon hearing that Charlotte is now suffering from the same "illness" as Anne, he rushes home to find Charlotte has been taken to a monastery. When he arrives he learns of Charlotte's fate and discovers his own. After all, Amor vincit omina (Love conquers all). Just be sure you know what you are conquering.

Principal photography was completed in mid-November 2011, with a completion date of May 2012. All photography was shot in and around Baltimore, Maryland.

  Never Dream, The Beginning has been submitted to film festivals to gain interest for potential funding for the full feature of Never Dream.

Never Dream will be the first feature film for the new production company Crystal Wolf Productions. Look for their website coming soon!

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Never Dream, The Beginning!


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